Based out of South East Queensland, Murph & Sax is the passion project of 22-year-old founder, Caitlin Ayling. 

Heavily influenced by Australian music, fashion & culture, Caitlin is a self-taught creative who has dappled in business from the ripe age of 18. After a few years of operating as Murph & Sax in the women's jewellery and fashion scene, she came to the realisation that her business wasn't inspiring or impacting people - something which is at the forefront of how she lives in her daily life. She wanted more from herself and her business, and thus, Murph & Sax was reborn. 

Murph & Sax is a brand that aims to bind together a community of genuinely good humans. F*ck the money & nice cars, we are for the kind people, the ocean-lovers, adventure-seekers, dream-chasers, festival heads, sun babies and the one's who live well.


Away from the music scene, TEE-PEE is gradually emerging from an underground label to a well established artist after a number of successful art exhibitions. In mid-2018 and early on in 2020, the winery over Tom's back fence played host to solo exhibitions 'ACRES' and 'SOLAR SERVO', respectfully, drawing crowds from Sydney, Central Coast and as far south as Canberra. Later on in 2020 (after the first two waves of COVID-19 to hit Australia), Wollongong Art Gallery held exhibitor to Tom's works as a part of the group exhibition 'HERE + NOW', which saw the gallery purchase the major piece of Tom's body of work, Unlabelled Coffee With Extra Milk.

With sustainability at the forefront of the brand, small runs of new products are released each season to cater for all lifestyles. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, which makes each run limited and its impact on the environment minimal. Printed by hand in Gerringong (just up the road from the Heads) by Tom and a bunch of close family friends and local legends, all TEE-PEE tees, hoods, long-sleeves and boardies are constructed with ethically sourced cottons.


Adding to our green focus, all orders are shipped off in compostable mail bags. Making a good feed for your worms at home! We hand deliver all the local orders too, so give us a beep if you see us driving through town.

Thanks heaps for sticking 'round this long!