Our Story

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Murph & Sax is the passion project of its 22-year-old founder, Caitlin Ayling.

Heavily influenced by Australian music, fashion, culture & lifestyle, Caitlin is a self-taught creative who has dappled in business from the ripe age of 18. After a few years of operating as Murph & Sax in the women's jewellery and fashion scene, she came to the realisation that her business wasn't inspiring or impacting people - something which is at the forefront of how she lives in her daily life. She wanted more from herself and her business, and thus, Murph & Sax was reborn.

Murph & Sax is a brand that aims to bind together a community of genuinely good humans. F*ck the money & nice cars, we are for the kind people, the ocean-lovers, adventure-seekers, dream-chasers, festival heads, sun babies and the one's who truly live well.

In a world that really needs some loving, it has never been more important to be completely transparent about our sustainability practices, values & goals. One thing we vouch to never do is greenwash our consumers, advertising ourselves as a 100% sustainable brand - something that is all too prominent in present times. We would love to get there, but we also know as a small business (and for large ones for that matter) there are always way to be 1% better. As we do grow, we aim for things to only get better on this front, but nonetheless, here are some good things we're currently doing:

Low quantity production levels | In cases like these, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. That's why we only produce small quantities of each piece.

Timeless designs & products | Gone are the days of keeping up with the latest trends, it's important to us to create pieces that you'll be rocking for years to come.

100% compostable packaging | There's no need for all the extras, your orders are coming in a single compostable mailer... that's it. 

Second Life | Our recycling initiative aims to extend the life of our products further than a single customer. Read more here.

Minimal sales & discounts | We take pride in the quality of our products and don't feel the need to reduce their price to make sales. We know the right people will see their value too so we don't participate often in big worldwide sales or give out discounts willy-nilly.

Outside of decking people out in timeless apparel & accessories, we are in the process of creating a community where likeminded individuals can connect. We Are Good Humans is a community-based program our founder Caitlin has recently started here on the Sunshine Coast. Each week, she hosts a small social gathering for friends & strangers alike consisting of an early morning swim and hang out. It's the perfect way to kick-off your day & hopefully meet some new people - if you're nearby, we strongly recommend coming along & if you're not, know that the goal is to get this to a location near you!

If you've made it this far, you're simply a legend. We appreciate you being here + hope you stick around for the adventure! x